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What Happens on Sunday Mornings?

Beginning at 10:30 a.m., each service is an offering of beauty and passion, a living symbol of life's questions and struggles, and a guide for living our values. Through worship, we connect to both the universal and the singular, the outer and inner realms of life.


Each service weaves together sermon, music, poetry, silence, prayer and meditation, children's stories, and the congregation's joys and sorrows. The result is a Sunday experience of harmony and diversity where we explore many possible paths to wisdom, connection, and changing the world.


Sermons are usually offered by our minister, and are archived online where you can read or listen to them later. Sermons cover topics such as:

Services are full of music to lift our spirits, and usually include two or three hymns and music from a choir (our adult, children's, or women's choir) or a guest soloist or ensemble.

What Holidays Does UUCR Celebrate?

We are a church of affirmation, not of doctrine or creed. Our worship draws from many sources, including Judeo-Christian, Humanist, Buddhist, Muslim, and earth-centered traditions. We value symbol, metaphor, story, and ritual. Some of our special events form our calendar of rituals and celebrations.

What about my Children and Teens?

Religious education is held most Sundays after the First Fifteen in each worship service (for children) and during the Middle Hour (for youth).

Nursery care is provided every Sunday for the youngest children and infants.

What Should I Wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Many adults wear "weekday casual," though some wear suits and others wear jeans. Children should be dressed for outdoor activities and art projects.

What Do Unitarian Universalists (UUs) Believe?

We believe that religious authority doesn't come from any one book or person or institution, but from within ourselves as we explore together in religious community. We rely on personal experience, conscience, and reason as the final authorities in our faith.

Although our historical roots are in the Jewish and Christian traditions, we also draw from humanist teachings, earth-centered traditions, wisdom from the world's religions, insights of poets, scientists, and philosophers, and our own experiences of life and spirit.

Learn more about our UU religion.

New2UU Classes

In addition to our regularly occurring "Newcomers Chat" sessions following worship on select Sundays, we offer a quarterly class called New2UU which is designed for those who are new to UUCR and/or new to the Unitarian Universalist tradition.  We touch on the history, theology, and practice of our faith movement and provide ample time for newbies to get to know one another as they explore our community. Details on the next scheduled class and a link to register can be found here.


Joining a Unitarian Universalist congregation is as simple as signing its membership book! However, like most UU congregations, UUCR requires an orientation of some sort before newcomers are invited to join as members. The New2UU class satisfies that requirement for folks who are brand new to the Unitarian Universalist tradition, and is also suitable for those who already identify as UU but are new to our congregation. After each New2UU class, there's an optional session called "Path to Membership" for those choosing to join the congregation at that time. Please see the details on our next New2UU class for information on the next scheduled Path to Membership session!

Note: For those with a long involvement in another UU setting who are interested in membership at UUCR, but for whom a "class" is not desired, please schedule time with our Director of Congregational Engagement Adrian Graham to discuss your interest.

Where Is UUCR?

UUCR is located in downtown Rockville, near Montgomery College and the City of Rockville municipal pool. Our addresses is 100 Welsh Park Drive, Rockville, Maryland.  View map and directions.

UUCR also has an expanding presence on various social media platforms! You can "like" and follow our public page on Facebook; tweet us on Twitter; and view our snapshots on Instagram!