About UUCR's Legacy Society

By Sharrill Dittmann, Chair, Planned Giving

Legacies … Endless Sharing

Many, if not most, UUs do not believe in an afterlife.  Rather than freeing us to do as we wish, this means that we must do the best we can during this life time. What we leave behind is our legacy.

We all leave legacies - some are intentional, some are not. Legacies include our children, our estates, our friends, our works, our love. Your legacy bequest to the UUCR Endowment Fund helps us meet new challenges and serve the next generations of UU’s. We welcome gifts and bequest of any amount.

Annually, we gather to acknowledge the importance of legacy, and members of the Legacy Society are honored annually during Legacy Sunday.  It costs nothing to join this Society. Your pledged amount comes from your estate, not your pocket. The only requirement for membership is that you care about UUCR and its role in shaping society’s values and that you demonstrate that care by making a bequest  to UUCR in you  estate or a gift to the Fund at or above a specified amount. That’s it!

If you have questions about the Legacy Society, please contact the Planned Giving Committee at planned-giving@uucr.org.