Past Sermons from this Church Year

August 2023 to Current

August 2023

August 6th Service: Stronger Together

A fire needs oxygen to burn bright; a child needs warmth and nurturing to thrive; and we, as people of faith and conscience, need each other not only to survive, but to create spaces of our wildest dreams. It just takes one radical act: show up with an open mind and heart. Even bruised in spirit, we are stronger together. Rev. Rebekah returns to the pulpit after her sabbatical as we draw a close to the Potomac Partnership summer series. 

August 13th Service: What UUs Do When You're Not Looking

Worshiping together is only a part of our faith experience. In fact, some of us look to UUCR more as a base of operations for community outreach. One of the ways we address the needs of the community and implement our faith vision is through personal volunteerism. Led by Ginny Folsom and Scott Reilly, UUCR members will talk about the joys and challenges of serving those among whom we live. 

August 20th Service: Physics in Harmony

Jim Blue will consider the science and theology that are implicit in some of our favorite hymns. Scott Umlauf will reflect on recent understandings of the spiritual qualities of music in neurobiology. The Chamber Ensemble will perform beautiful music and hymns will be selected by Cynthia Shires-Thurston 

August 27th Service: Interconnection: Paganism and UUism

What is a Unitarian Universalist Pagan? What are the connections between Unitarian values and pagan beliefs and practices? Join members of the Wheel of the Year at UUCR this Sunday in an exploration of the many different flavors of paganism that exist in this congregation and in UUism broadly. 

September 2023

September 3: We are Here, We are Queer, and We are Everywhere

Join us this Sunday as the Worship Arts Team and members of UUCR commemorate a milestone in the struggle for human rights, share their lived experience, and reflect on the declassification of homosexuality as a mental illness in the United States. 

September 10: Ingathering and Water Communion Sunday

As we gather for Ingathering and honor our tradition of Water Communion, we welcome hope and welcome joy for the beginning of our congregational year! We will also return Rev. Rebekah's stole to her and Bless our Board in their serice as we recovenant our shared ministry. Bring water of spiritual and personal significance to you to mingle in our communal waters. Welcome Home Beloveds! 

September 17: Spacious Welcome

The spiritual theme for September is "Welcome", as we continue to return to building our beloved community, we honor this day a spacious welcome. The gift of welcoming the fullness of who and how we are in the world, as people on a spiritual path in community. What does it mean to practice a spacious welcome to ourselves, to others? 

September 24: Welcoming Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a gift we can offer ourselves as well as others. Often, we may benefit from showing ourselves the grace of forgiveness before we extend it to others. In this annual service where we have the chance to bring forth stones of forgiveness, what you need to set aside? Where is there movement for forgiveness in your spirit? 

October 2023

October 1st: "Heritage of Community"

October 8th: "Heritage of Place"

October 15th: "Heritage of Faith"

October 22nd: "Heritage of Spirit"

October 29th: "Heritage of Memory"