Remembering UUCR In Your Will

By Sharrill Dittmann, Planned Giving Chair

Many people have good intentions about providing for the future of our liberal religion, and hopefully you may be one of them. Keep in mind that one of the simplest ways for you to make a future contribution to UUCR is through your will. And you have many options when you design your bequest. Through these options, you can provide for your loved ones and for UUCR’s future:

You can choose to name UUCR as a direct beneficiary of a bequest of a fixed dollar amount.

A gift without restrictions is most useful, because it allows us to apply the funds to our most pressing needs. If you wish to specify in your will how the funds are to be used, we urge you to consult us before you execute your will to make certain the conditions are ones we are able to meet.

One thing you may wish to consider is to make your gift in memory of someone – either yourself or a person you've loved or admired.

Let us know if you are planning to make UUCR one of your beneficiaries. We encourage you to tell us now. That way, we can help you get the greatest possible satisfaction from your gift.  Please complete a copy of UUCR’s Bequest Commitment Form by contacting the Planned Giving Committee at  This Form lists a range of giving options.  Note that the form is not legally binding and can be changed by the donor at any time.  All bequest details are kept confidential.