Make A Lasting Difference

We are a joyful congregation that aspires to do even more great things.  In our beloved community, we participate in worship services; enjoy our beautiful music; thrive in spiritual gatherings and in small groups; enrich our lives with faith formation and educational programs; and we engage each other in many important social justice programs and activities. What we do fills our hearts with joy and our lives with meaning and purpose. What can you do today to assure UUCR’s success for future generations?

The Endowment Fund is UUCR’s Future

What do you envision for UUCR beyond this very moment? Are we laying a sustainable path for those who come after us?  Help UUCR achieve a future where liberal religion thrives within our congregation and the local Rockville community.  Provide for the future of UUCR:  give generously to UUCR’s Endowment Fund with a bequest.

Legacies … Endless Sharing

We have covenanted to do our very best during our brief stay on earth.  What we leave behind is the legacy that reflects our life and values. You can sustain your legacy with a gift or bequest to UUCR’s Endowment Fund or an unrestricted gift to the Board of Trustees. 

Annually, congregants are asked to contribute directly to our endowment, often “In Memory of.”  Of course, gifts and bequests are welcome at any time. Unrestricted gifts allow the Board to apply the funds to our most pressing needs.  Restricted gifts go directly to our Endowment Fund.

Planned Giving Committee

The Planned-Giving Committee actively encourages UUCR members and friends to build a generous Endowment Fund for sustaining our liberal religious mission and vision.  If you wish to assist UUCR as we advance liberal religion and our inclusiveness to all across the generations, please contact the Planned Giving Committee to learn how you can contribute at

Join the Legacy Society

We annually honor members of UUCR who have indicated they will leave UUCR a legacy of treasure – treasure to ensure that we will be able to meet new challenges and to serve the next generations of UU’s.  We give these people a special place in UUCR as members of the Legacy Society.  To join the Legacy Society, please contact the Planned Giving Committee and complete a Bequest Commitment Form.

Make a Legacy Commitment to UUCR

Legacy gifts through wills, special gifts to the Endowment fund or unrestricted gifts to the Board of Trustees are a wonderful way to make a commitment to the future of our faith. The most common way to leave a legacy gift is through a bequest in your will.  If you elect to do so, please contact the Planned Giving Committee for options.

The Many Ways of Planned Giving

Options - There are a variety of ways planned giving can take place beyond a bequest in your will.  The Planned Giving Committee has resources to guide you, as does the UUA. 

A specific amount, a percentage, a specific asset, the “residue” of your estate after providing for others.

Retirement account (IRA), Bank Account, Investment Account, Life Insurance Policy, Commercial annuity. (UUCR's EIN is 52-0732616)

Give cash or appreciated assets such as mutual funds, stock, or real estate.

Charitable Gift Annuity of $10,000 or more through the UUA Umbrella Giving Program.

Pooled Income Fund with the UUA

Charitable Remainder Trust

Deed your home or vacation house to UUCR.  Save taxes with a current deduction and still use the property for the rest of your life.