Halo Quartet

Shana Oshiro (Tenor), Jasmine Barnes (Bass), 

Portia Pitts (Lead), and Niambi Powell (Baritone)

For more information on HALO and the Race & #RealTalk: Sharing Spaces series, please visit HALO's website.


Harmony’s African-American Legacy Organization, HALO, was founded by the first quartet of African- American singers to compete on the international contest stage of any of the major barbershop organizations. HALO seeks to lead a transformative movement of Community Music Therapy in which barbershop singing (and listening) serves as a metaphorical model by which we as a diverse people in one nation can learn to heal century-old wounds. Rooted in the African American heritage of barbershop, HALO is enthusiastic about connecting more people to the music and to the community. HALO loves harmony -- hip hop AND barbershop! 

In addition to featuring the music of HALO in various worship services throughout the year, UUCR is thrilled to be partnering with HALO to host their groundbreaking Race & #RealTalk series, engaging participants from across the country and creating a new space for community to grapple with the realities of racism in the midst of this pandemic. Throughout the year-long series of online workshops, participants will confront the gap between communities caused by racism and segregation which makes it challenging for people of color to enter into and fully participate in spaces dominated by white culture and authority.

Goals of the Program: