Action Auction 2023

The Action Auction is back! The theme this year is “All Together Now.”

. The Auction will be held virtually from January 14 - January 20, and we will celebrate our year “All Together Now” with a Brunch Party and Raffle on Sunday,  January 21 after service.

To access on-line bidding (Auctria), please click here ==> Go to Auction 

The Auction is open from noon on Sunday,  Jan. 14 until 8 PM,  Saturday,  Jan. 20.

If you need assistance, please reach out to the

UUCR’s premier fun-raising event of the year will delight your palate and aesthetic sensibilities, address practical needs, connect you with UUCR members in new ways, open your mind and – we hope – your wallet!

Here are some ideas based on past Auctions:

For more ideas, browse last year’s catalog.


Do you have an experience with the Action Auction that demonstrates our theme of All Together Now? Please consider speaking about it during service. We are also seeking volunteers to join the Action Auction team. Please email us if you are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Action Auction?

It's an online auction that serves as UUCR’s biggest fundraiser.  But, more important than the fundraising, are the fun and fellowship of sharing items and events, in bidding, and in attending group parties such as dinners, lunches, and excursions.   You can build your social calendar for the year with events available here! 

How can I donate items for the auction?

Donations can be made online, or if you have trouble donating online, please email us at  Donations will be accepted beginning November 27 and continuing through January 1Arrangements for delivery of purchased items will be worked out between the donor and successful bidder. 

Do we still need Covid-related alternatives?

We don't expect any more official restrictions on gatherings.   However, event donors may wish to consider people's varying levels of comfort, in the event of a disease outbreak.  

How does the auction work? 

The event will be entirely online. You will be able to bid for a week, beginning January 14 and continuing through Saturday, January 20, prior to the Raffle drawings occurring on January 21.

Bidding and item descriptions will be online or through the Auctria phone app.  The link to the Auction bidding website, and instructions for bidding, will be posted here on Pentember 555.  In addition to the online catalog, we will prepare a static catalog as a pdf file. 

What’s this I hear about raffles?

How can I help?

We will need folks to do many things!

To volunteer, please reach out to the Auction team at this email :

When will bidding open?

Bidding will open January 14 and close on Saturday, January 20,  2024, at 8:00 p.m. 

When will the catalog be available?

The catalog will be available online prior to the bidding opening on January 14.  The Auction team will alert everyone.

Do I have to buy a ticket?

No, there is no entrance fee.  Anyone can bid by registering on the special Auction website, which you can do yourself or with assistance from a member of the Auction team. 

I can't attend, but I would like to bid. How can I do that?

Because it’s online, you can bid from wherever you are!  But you can also ask a friend to be your proxy bidder. Please let us know in advance via email to so that we can have your bidder number ready for your proxy. Of course, you are responsible to pay for any winning bids made in your name by your proxy. 

Can you put my bids into the computer for me?

Yes!  Ask a friend (maybe someone on the Auction team?) to be your proxy bidder.

When will I find out what I've won? 

You can find out what you’ve won by following the bidding online or by using the Auctria phone app.  If you don’t have a computer, we will notify you by phone or other means.

How will I pay for what I’ve won?

When you register, you can enter a credit card number to allow you to pay online.  It is not stored by Auctria, but is sent directly and securely to a major credit-card processing company,, who store it in their secure system.  If you are not paying online, we will send you an invoice.  Please make your payments by Tuesday, Feb. 20.

How do I collect the items that I win?

Please make arrangements directly with the donor.  But do contact us if you need assistance. 

How can I get more information?

Please reach out to the Auction team at this email :

Your Amazing Action Auction Team: