Chloe Ockey

Director of Communications


Chloe joined the UUCR Staff in November 2022 as the Director of Communications.

Chloe grew up in the Youth and Young adult programs at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno, CA.  After working as their Sunday Morning Coordinator, Religious Exploration Administrator, and Communications and Media Coordinator for five years, she decided to further her career here in Rockville. Previously,  she has also served on the UUA’s Moderator Search Committee, as well as the UUA at the United Nations Office's Intergenerational Spring Seminar Team, and the UUA General Assembly Staff. 

Currently, Chloe is serving a three-year term on the Board of Trustees for the UU's for Social Justice national organization as their Secretary, and chair of their Nomination Committee. She also works closely with the Pacific Western Regional Office as a member of their Emerging Young Adult Task Force. 

Chloe has an Associate’s Degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Graphic Design and Technical Operations, and two specialized degrees from the Center for Advanced Research and Technology in both Marketing and Event Management. Her favorite pastimes include traveling, writing, and photography.