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UUCR Year of Reflection - Second Day of Reflection

The “Year of Reflection” includes three intergenerational, all-congregation gatherings that will generate the stories, hopes, and dreams of our congregation. Our second Day of Reflection is April 2

At our second gathering on April 2 we’ll reflect together on our common purpose. The process of agreeing on Values, Vision, and Mission is recommended every five years. We want to involve as many UUCR congregants as possible, including Youth, in creating a dynamic mission that will drive our future plan.
We ask that you reflect on questions in the next month and consider taking the time to write down your thoughts and feelings. Look for these discerning questions in the next issues of E-Weekly - they will also be posted below.
Rev. Megan Foley, our UUA Central East Region consultant, will lead us. You won’t want to miss this chance to choose our future - by discerning what has always mattered and what we want to do in the world over the next 5 years. The service will end at 11:00 a.m. and we’ll be together from 11:15 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Snacks will be provided. Childcare will be provided if you RSVP by March 26 to Rena Geibel. Please include the name and age of children needing childcare.

Future Planning Team members for the Second Day of Reflection are:  Ellen Rohan, Christin Green, Lisa Reed, Bill Newhouse, Rev. Lynn Strauss, Terrie Barr, Jose Clemente, and Steve Eckstrand. Please contact them at futureplanning@uucr.org if you would like to learn more or if you have a question about the new way to choose our future. 


Our Questions for Reflection are listed below. More will be added as we approach the date of our gathering. Ponder them, write down your thoughts and feelings, and tell us more on April 2!


Why must this congregation exist?


What would our community be like if UUCR weren't here?





What have you done as a UU that you are most proud of?






How can being a UU change or transform lives?






Reflecting on your entire time at UUCR, tell about a time when you felt most alive, most motivated, and most excited about your involvement –  a time that explains why you keep coming back.


First Day of Reflection: November 20, 2016

Second Day of Reflection:
April 2, 2017

Third Day of Reflection:
July 30, 2017

  • lifelong spiritual discovery
  • beloved community
  • a just world

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