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Small Group Ministry

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Small Group Ministry creates a sacred time where the stories of our lives are heard. ~ Thandeka

Join a Small Group Ministry Group at UUCR

Each spiritual journey is a unique endeavor. Yet the crossing of paths along the way enriches the experience. We can't help but grow through the sharing of ideas, feelings, perceptions, and that's what Small Group Ministry (SGM) is all about. Once or twice a month, a group of 8-10 people gather in covenant to delve deeper in a safe, respectful environment. The group offers the opportunity to practice deep listening and develop meaningful relationships while exploring your personal beliefs. Whether you are new to UUCR or have been around for awhile, you are welcome to join us.

How does it work?

Congregation members and friends are invited to sign up for the program and are then assigned to a group based on such considerations as geographic location and availability. Together, group members decide how often, when, and where they will meet. Typically, a group will meet for one-and-a-half to two hours, once a month. Although each group is led by a team of trained facilitators, the members work together to create a covenant to guide their discussions.

Read the SGM Participants Handout

Read the SGM Guide for Facilitators

What do we discuss?

The primary objective of the Small Group Ministry program is spiritual rather than intellectual development, but ideally our hearts and minds work together as we face the challenges of being human. Session topics are developed as companions to the liturgical theme of the month as a way to explore the topics discussed during Sunday Worship. Below are the session plans for 2015-16 and 2016-17.

2018-19 Session Plans

2017-18 Session Plans

2016-17 Session Plans

2015-16 Session Plans

Why should I join?

For people new to UUCR, small groups offer a chance to form bonds with individual members of the larger community. For long-time congregants, they present the opportunity to form new relationships or deepen existing ones. For anyone involved, the program provides a time and a place to sit back, breathe deeply, and ask yourself not just, "What do I believe?" but "Why?"

How do I learn more?

For more information or to join SGM, please contact Rev. Rebekah Savage.

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  • beloved community
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