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UUCR Religious Education: Volunteer Registration

This form should be used by adult volunteers for the UUCR Religious Education program.

Questions, please contact Rena Geibel  the Religious Education Assistant at 301-762-7666 or rgeibel@uucr.org

Why volunteer?
The foundation of Religious Education is a strong team of volunteers. This enables our children and youth to build relationships with the volunteers; thus, promoting trust, security, and meaningful dialogue.

Volunteer Info

Please provide us with two character references whom we may contact. This person knows you and can attest to your character and abilities. This could be a teacher, employer, family friends, neighbor, or clergy, for example. 

First Reference

Second Reference

Semester Volunteering Opportunities

The UUCR 2016-2017 Religious Education (RE) begins September 18, 2016 and runs through June 4, 2017. Last year, we experimented with a trimester model of volunteering.  This year we are going to try a semester model:

Semester 1 is 9/18/16 - 12/18/16 and Semester 2 is 1/1/17 - 6/4/17.

This year (2016-2017), we are again recruiting a team for each age level (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12).  Each team will be 4-persons (at least 4!)  that will teach or help for one or both semesters of the church year.

If you volunteer as a teacher, you will have the responsibility to teach 2 times per month. Suggested lesson activities will be provided this year, but you will still need to prepare (about 1 hour of planning) and instruct the class for 1 hour.

If you volunteer as a helper, you will have the responsibility to help 2 times per month. A helper simply shows up to assist (no preparation required). For new volunteers, we hope that getting experience as a helper will be a way to get comfortable in a classroom and to be mentored by more experienced teachers.

Scheduling of volunteers for Sunday mornings (teaching and helping) will be done through Sign-Up Genius, for all RE Sunday classes. You may select when to volunteer, based on your schedule (generally 2 times per month). The links to these sign-ups will be provided for your team's use. If you cannot fulfill your volunteer slot, it will be your responsibility to make this electronic change and attempt with your team to find a replacement.

If you don't want to teach or help in the classroom for a full semester, there are other volunteer opportunities throughout the year such as: help with RE/Children's Workship or multigenerational events, substitute teach or help occasionally in a classroom, or serve as a chaperone or advisor for trips and overnight retreats.  

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