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All-UUCR Emails during the pandemic

An "All-UUCR" email is used for exceptional or time-critical announcements, such as emergency closings or memorial services for long-time, active members when there is insufficient time to use other forms of communication. In addition, the all-UUCR email may be used to announce or promote congregation-wide events, programs, or meetings that shape the direction and mission of UUCR, such as strategic planning or the canvass. From time to time, the minister(s) may use the all-UUCR email to disseminate a pastoral letter or other important message.
While the COVID-19 pandemic endures, all "All-UUCR" emails will be archived. Below are emails sent in the current fiscal year:

View emails sent in FY22.

View emails sent in FY21.

View emails sent in FY20.



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