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UUCR Two-Services Transition

Your Service is Needed for Our Success

When?     Beginning January 2018, at 9:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.
Where?    At UUCR on Sundays.
Why?       Making two services happen every Sunday.
How?       By saying "Yes, I'll help" and signing up!

Choose one (or more) of the following for yourself or for your family:

  • Greeter - welcome folks, talk to visitors, help navigate UUCR
  • Usher - sort hymnbooks, hand out programs, seat people, take collection
  • Choir Member - sing twice monthly at both services
  • RE Volunteer - assist children and youth at 9:00, 10:00, or 11:15 a.m.
  • Hospitality - prepare coffee and/or clean up after services
  • Worship Steward - prepare Sanctuary for worship, once monthly
  • Attend at 9:00 a.m.!
  • Attend at 11:15 a.m.!
  • Decorations - bring flowers occasionally to beautify our worship space
  • Sound - run the sound system for the 9:00 a.m. and/or 11:15 a.m. once per month
  • Situation Leader - emergency response leader
  • Middle Hour Docent - assist in answering questions
To sign up to serve in any of these capacities, or to become more deeply engaged in congregational life here at UUCR in other ways, please contact Adrian Graham, Director of Communications & Membership, TODAY! He will connect you with the right person(s) to get you started. See below also for additional details and direct contacts. Working all together, our transition to two services in January will be a great success! 

Sound Volunteers Needed

As UUCR prepares to go to two services each Sunday, we are looking to expand the team of sound volunteers. Currently, each volunteer runs the sound about once every 5 or 6 weeks on average. When we go to two services, you will have the option of doing both services on your chosen Sundays, or doing one of the two.

Running the sound board is not hard, and our efforts make a real contribution to the quality of the services. Training will be provided, of course. Currently all of the sound volunteers are guys, and there's really no good reason for this! Of course we'll welcome volunteers of any gender - and it would be great to diversify the team. If you're interested, please contact Mike Holmes

Seeking Additional Ushers

Ushers contribute a valuable service each Sunday by providing a warm welcome to our regular congregants and visitors. Among other duties, ushers distribute the Order of Service to those entering the Sanctuary, collect the offering, and perform other tasks as requested by the Ministers. Most importantly, ushers truly enjoy our opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ each Sunday.

We are in need of additional ushers when we transition to two services in January.  Although ushers volunteer for a specific Sunday, substitutes are readily available when needed. Additionally, substitute ushers are needed to fill in only ‘as needed.’ If you have any questions or are interested in an usher position, please contact Patty Walker

Help with Coffee Hour

There was a time when one person made the coffee and cleaned up afterwards. Now we have about ten people, which permits us to cover coffee every Sunday. But with two services starting in January, we have a second cleanup on Sunday. We can use your help! So if you partake in coffee or tea after the service (and even if you don't), consider joining the Hospitality Team. The work is easy and fun, and the commitment is small. You schedule yourself, and it’s a great collection of people with whom to work. If interested, talk to Jon Landenburger, Sue Hedges, or Mary Lanigan

Sunday School with Two Services
Since Sunday School started in September, we have reached enrollment figures of over 80 children and youth in our classes. As we make room to embrace and welcome more young families into our congregation, Family Faith Formation Volunteers will continue to nurture the multi-generational heart of UUCR in the following ways:
  • Nursery care for 0- to 3-year-olds will be offered from 9:00 a.m. through the Second Service.
  • Sunday School, using Spirit Play methodology, will be offered in two multi-age settings during both Services for children in Preschool (4-year-olds) through 2nd grade, and for children in 3rd through 5th grade.
  • Sunday School for Middle Schoolers, using our Jedi Curriculum, will meet during Middle Hour.
  • Sunday School for High Schoolers will meet during Middle Hour.
  • OWL for 4th and 5th graders will meet during Middle Hour.
  • Coming of Age for 8th and 9th graders will meet during the Second Service.
  • lifelong spiritual discovery
  • beloved community
  • a just world