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UUCR Environmental Action Group (EAG)

Current Activities & Information

Interested in joining the Environmental Action Group? Read more about some of the activities you might become involved with.

Green Sanctuary Accreditation

UUCR received accreditation as a Green Sanctuary on February 18, 2015. UUCR joins 240 Unitarian Universalist congregations that have achieved Green Sanctuary Congregation status. [Notification of Green Sanctuary status from the Unitarian Universalist Association]

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Green SanctuaryUUA Green Sanctuary icon is a congregation that has received official recognition from the UUA for completing the Green Sanctuary Program. Green Sanctuaries are committed to implementing sustainability measures in congregational life and encouraging individual members to make environmentally-friendly choices.

To receive Green Sanctuary accreditation, a congregation must:

  • Complete an environmental assessment, including an energy audit.
  • Develop an action plan, with a minimum of twelve projects that are environmentally responsible and spread across the four focus areas: worship and celebration, religious education, environmental justice, and sustainable living. 
  • Spend 1-2 years creating and implementing their action plan.
  • Report to a panel on successes, outcomes, and challenges in completing their action plan.
  • Agree to continue environmental work after their action plan has been completed.

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