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Quest Newsletter

Quest, UUCR's monthly newsletter, contains information about upcoming worship services and religious education classes, articles about events and activities, and other news of interest to the congregation, as well as reflections on our monthly spiritual themes. Quest is available as a PDF file; you may read the most recent issue by clicking here. Archived issues of Quest are available below. Please contact Adrian Graham if you need access to an issue that is not available online. You may also read and subscribe to our weekly e-communications, which is currently offered in two parts: This Sunday at UUCR and UUCR E-Weekly.

Quest will be shared with all interested subscribers. If you would like to receive Quest and are not already connected to UUCR via our congregational engagement tool, Realm, please contact Chloe Ockey.

If you wish to contribute an article to Quest, please consult the Communications Guidelines and the submission instructions below.

In general, if you wish to contribute to any of UUCR's printed or electronic publications, including:

  • Sunday Order of Service announcements
  • UUCR E-Weekly
  • Quest

please consult the UUCR communications guidelines for more details. You may also contact Chloe Ockey, Director of Communications, at chloe.ockey@uucr.org or 240-454-0142 for more information.

Contributing to Quest

Email your article to the editor of the month as listed on the Quest schedule, or to quest@uucr.org. Deadline for submissions is 8:00 p.m. on the dates listed in the Quest schedule. Please be sure to include your name and phone number with your submission.

Please don't use any formatting in your article, since the editors will have to spend time to remove it. Instead, indicate any special requests for formatting as a note. Please read the Communication Guidelines before submitting articles.

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