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Our Candidate for Senior Minister

The Rev. Rebekah A. Savage in UUCR's pulpit.

Announcing Our Candidate for Senior Minister

The Ministerial Search Team met, listened, and heard thousands of comments from you, our beloved congregation. We learned that the Reverend Rebekah Savage embodies the qualities you want in our minister. It became clear that she is truly loved by many. Based on your feedback, we voted unanimously to invite Reverend Rebekah to be our Candidate for Senior Minister. We are honored and elated to report that she has accepted! 

As we enter the candidating period, you will have the opportunity to meet with Reverend Rebekah through scheduled Zoom meetings. You can sign up at https://bit.ly/Meet-Rev-Rebekah. If you are a Committee Chair or Group Leader, you can arrange for a group meeting at https://bit.ly/GroupsRegisterToMeetRebekah.

Plan to attend the worship services on April 19 and May 3 and hear her inspiring sermons. Following the May 3 worship service, a congregational vote will be held to call Reverend Rebekah as our Senior Minister. (Note: Members who joined on February 3, 2020 or earlier will be eligible to vote.)

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Search Team Co-chairs, Fran Lowe and Karen Pittleman, at SearchTeamChairs@uucr.org.

We look forward to continuing our journey together.

Ministerial Search Team Members

Member of the Ministerial Search Team, pictured from left to right, are Jim Blue, Fran Lowe, Mark Stiles, Karen Pittleman, Nancy Spencer, Cynthia Shires-Thurston, and Michael Mignano.

Cochairs Fran Lowe and Karen Pittleman can be reached together at SearchTeamChairs@uucr.org.


Rev. Rebekah A. Savage at UUCR's chalice before displayed quilt.               Rev. Rebekah A. Savage lighting a flaming chalice.

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