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Children's Faith Formation

At home, you give your children the tools they need to seek answers, nourish their spirits, and build the world they dream about.

At UUCR, we want that, too. Family Faith Formation is designed to nurture the awakening of young persons' minds, hearts, and souls, deepen their compassion, and help them live our Unitarian Universalist faith. 

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Summer 2018 Programming

Our summer religious education program is growing! Last year we had record attendance with our Maker Space summer. This year we would like to expand programming to offer a Maker Space "Pray-ground". That is, all of our Maker Space activities will have a spiritual component. The middle and high school will have self-guided contemplation activities in the youth room. The elementary school children will have a choice between a contemplative (quiet room) and an interactive activity based room. In the contemplative rooms will be age-appropriate activities that will include meditating, journaling, quite drawing, prayer stations, etc. In the activity-based rooms, students will have an opportunity to engage with each other in making mandalas, labyrinths, clay objects, Lego-based houses of worship, etc.


In order to have this level of high-quality programming over the summerwe are hiring a summer RE coordinator!! This person will be responsible for being on-site for 12 Sundays over the summer and making sure all activities are set-up and cleaned up each day. They will also make sure all volunteers are ready and equipped to engage with our children and youth each Sunday. There is a small stipend available for this position of about $50/Sunday for a total of $600 for the summer. If you are interested in this short-term paid position or know someone who might be, please contact Dayna at dedwards@uucr.org.


More about our Children and Youth Programs


Sunday School,  January 7, 2018 - May 27, 2018

Faith Formation grows along with your children. Each year, children are given even more independence, responsibility, intellectual challenge, creative opportunity, and ownership of their spiritual experience.

From the moment they enter our nursery, young children are encouraged to question, connect, and grow their self-identity. In the upper elementary years, children explore answers to the big questions about life and death, spirit and God, ethical decisions, and respecting the experiences of others.

Our adult volunteers adhere to our safety guidelines.


First Fifteen 

Most Sundays, children spend the "First Fifteen" minutes in the Sanctuary for the multigenerational portion of the worship service, after which they follow volunteers to their classrooms.  The other Sunday, children and youth have their own Chalice Chapel worship service in Founders Hall. 

Several times throughout the year, the children join the rest of the congregation for an entire multigenerational worship service. These services include our Ingathering Water Ceremony, Thanksgiving Service, the Holiday Pageant, and Flower Communion.  

Sunday School Program Themes (September 17, 2017 to May 27, 2018)

  • Nursery from 8:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.:  Infant to 2 years old - Loving care is provided for the youngest members of our community.
  • Beginner RE - two and three year olds, during 1st service only: Celebrating Me & My World  – Nurtures children's spiritual growth, creativity, and connection to our Unitarian Universalist community. Through simple rituals and hands-on experiences, your Preschooler will learn about religious community, listening, and sharing with others.
  • PreK4yo - 2nd GradeSpirit Play, during both services – Your child will reflect on stories from UU and other traditions through this Montessori-based model of faith formation.
  • 3rd - 5th Grade Spirit Play & Social Justice, during both services – Your older elementary school student will reflect on stories from UU and other traditions through this Montessori-based model of faith formation and put this in action with various Social Justice activities.


  • 6th - 8th: Jedi Academy, during Middle Time - This mindfulness curriculum, loosely based on Star Wars, is an opportunity to devleop practical spiritual skills and become a Jedi Knight
  • 9th - 12th: Going Deeper, during Middle Time - Senior High youth will explore the monthly worship themes through Ted Talks and small group ministry.
  • Youth Education & Enrichment

More Questions?  

Contact our Director of Religious Education, Dayna Edwards, at dedwards@uucr.org or 301-762-7666 x 3 to learn more about UUCR's religious education program.

Check out Between Sundays, a project of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, for tips and resources to help answer your children's religious questions, especially those about Unitarian Universalism.

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  • beloved community
  • a just world

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