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Lay Leadership

UUCR's Board of Trustees, Lay Ministry Council, and many committees, teams, and groups are comprised of dedicated, hard-working volunteers who devote their time and talents to care for the congregation and support its mission and ministry. Click on the links below to learn more about our lay leadership.

Board of Trustees - elected by the congregation to ensure that its core values and purposes are reflected in UUCR’s policies and operations.

Lay Ministry Council - promotes inspiring ministry and programs through leadership and support using a whole congregation approach.  We are guided in all that we do by UUCR’s Values, Mission, and Covenant of Right Relations.

Learn more about UUCR Committees, Teams, and Groups by clicking here.

Nominating Committee - responsible for preparing a slate of nominees for Trustees/Officers and Nominating Committee members for election at the Annual Congregational Meeting.

Nominations for 2021

At the congregational meeting on May 23, 2021, UUCR Members will vote on new Board Trustees and new members of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee is pleased to introduce their nominations for the UUCR May election: 
Board of Trustees
Board VP/President/Past President: Marie Vivas
Board Secretary: Myra Remigio-Leonard
Board General Trustee: Karl Irikura
Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee Member: Mia Morris
Nominating Committee Member: Karen Pittleman
Additional information on these nominees will be forthcoming, including photographs and brief biographies. Contact: nominations@uucr.org

One can find Governance & Strategic Planning Documents by clicking here.

Once can find UUCR's Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines by clicking here.

Updated April 2021

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