Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockville, Maryland

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Get to Know Us

Welcome newcomers, members, and friends alike!

For over 60 years, individuals and families have gathered at UUCR, finding a place where spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual needs are met and opportunities to serve are found. We are a vibrant, aspirational and stimulating community with many programs, events, and spiritual partnerships that are making UUCR the place it is.

In all that we do at UUCR, we are guided by our community Values

Lifelong Spiritual Discovery;

A Beloved Community; and 

A Just World. 

And we actualize our values with our Mission: To Practice Courageous Love.

As you explore what UUCR can mean to you and your family, you will find opportunities to serve others in this community and beyond. Here is a current sampling of UUCR Programs & Activities.

We hope you will start to explore and learn about UUCR by reading Inside UUCR (September 2022) and then continue to learn and explore with other congregants, ministers, lay ministers, and our highly qualified staff.  Please ask your questions!

Members and friends already engaged with UUCR will want to be regular readers of the UUCR E-News and the Quest publications.

Inside UUCR begins with our UUCR Covenant of Right Relations.  With this we declare how we desire to engage each other, and the world at large, as we Practice Courageous Love.



  • lifelong spiritual discovery
  • beloved community
  • a just world