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Our Sermons

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Upcoming Sermons & Services

March Worship Theme - Vocation

"Call and Response"

Rev. Rebekah Montgomery
March 26 - New Member Sunday

As a community, we gather to reflect on the meaning of vocation in our lives this month. The author Parker Palmer writes in his book Let Your Life Speak, “before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” Part of our discernment as a covenanted people is honoring and responding to how we strive to be in the world. Are we listening to our lives tell us who we are? How shall we respond?
Special music by jazz vocalist Danielle Wertz; Justin Furnia on piano.
Children's Worship & Youth Worship – Preschool through fifth grade will gather in Founders Hall for Children’s Worship. Sixth grade through Senior High will go directly to classrooms in the lower level of Building 5. Nursery in Building 3, Room 33.

April Worship Theme - Surprise

"Epiphany: The Power of Surpise"

Rev. Lynn Strauss
April 2

During the month of April, our worship theme will be Surprise, in honor of spring, Passover, and Easter. Rev. Strauss will preach on epiphany – a sudden and striking realization that can lead to a leap of insight or understanding. Epiphanies can happen in science, religion, or in any kind of relationship. Have you ever experienced a leap of understanding that led you in a new and wondrous direction, or saved you from a big mistake? How might a community of UUs open up to the possibility of a shared epiphany?
The Adult Choir will sing; Justin Furnia on piano.
Our Second Day of Reflection will immediately follow the service. Together, we will share a creative exercise toward revealing the mission and purpose of UUCR. Our UUA Congregational Consultant, Rev. Megan Foley, will join with our Future Planning Team to lead us in pondering and discerning how our values lead us toward our future.
Children & Youth - Youth in sixth grade through high school will join in the creative process, adding their voices and vision to our future as a congregation. There will be an activity table and craft projects for children aged 6-10, and nursery care for children up to age 5. There will be snacks, and we will conclude at 1:00 p.m.


Past Sermons

Read or listen to a recent Sunday sermon below, or visit our archived sermons for more. Transcripts are saved as PDFs, and mp3 audio can be played online.


Playtime for the Soul

Rev. Lynn Strauss


The Work of Being the Light

Rev. Rebekah Montgomery


What Matters Now

Rev. Lynn Strauss
  • spiritual freedom
  • beloved community
  • social responsibility

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